The Healing Powers of Flowers | Viola Floral

The Healing Powers of Flowers

Did you know that flowers have abundant mental health benefits? Flower arranging is considered a form of mindfulness practice, and can have healing properties for many reasons. 

First, the act of flower arranging is a meditative and calming process allowing individuals to focus on the present moment—letting go of stress and anxiety. 

Second, the natural beauty of flowers and the vibrant colors can have a positive effect on mood and emotions—leading to feelings of joy, happiness and relaxation.

Third, flower arranging can also be a social activity, providing opportunities for connection and team-building.

Chemicals Responsible for Individual Happiness | Viola Floral

This is because the presence of flowers triggers a chemical release in your brain. There are three types of chemicals responsible for individual happiness: Dopamine, Oxytocin, and Serotonin.

These chemicals are released not only when receiving flowers, but also when:

1. Creating an arrangement

2. Planning your design

3. Caring for your flowers

Flower arranging is truly a therapeutic and healing activity, always reminding us to "live in full bloom."