How to Throw the Perfect Summer Party | Viola Floral

How to Throw the Perfect Summer Party

Celebrate the new season and elevate your hosting style at your next gathering. Here are some ideas for making your event appear effortlessly elegant.

Set the Table

How to Throw the Perfect Summer Party | Viola Floral

Set your table with all of the essentials that matches best with your chosen theme (we love a garden party). You can’t go wrong with fresh summer colors like coral and yellow, or go with minimalist khaki and white tones that you can brighten up with florals. Speaking of florals–don’t forget your centerpiece! We can provide you with a beautiful arrangement, but if you want to DIY–head to our Instagram (@violafloral) for lots of flower arranging tips!

Tableware we love from Berner & Co.

Order a Grazing Board

Order a Grazing Board | Viola Floral

Grazing boards allow guests to casually choose what they want to eat with a variety of options. Grazing boards are sometimes called “gathering boards” as they encourage interaction and togetherness. Our favorite part of grazing is how much your guests will appreciate the love that went into curating your board.

The perfect grazing board from our friends at The Seed

Plan Your Dessert

Plan Your Dessert | Viola Floral

A delicious dessert is a must-have at any party. A dessert bar with sundaes or a selection of candies with gift bags is versatile and saves you the time of having to prepare something yourself. If you’re a baker, consider seasonal ingredients to add to the summer fun–fresh fruits like berries and peaches are delicious cake toppings, and they’re pretty, too!

A beautiful dessert from our partners at Abundance & Co.

Set the Mood with Music

Set the Mood with Music | Viola Floral

Don’t forget to turn on your favorite playlist during your party! Music creates a lovely atmosphere, and the music you choose will add style to your party’s theme. Your playlist should match the flow of your party, with some upbeat tunes to kick off the party and mellower songs as the party winds down. Of course, the volume should be suitable for conversation–but don’t be afraid to turn up the dial if your guests want to hit the dance floor!

You'll love this Summer Playlist!

Voilà! You’ve put together the perfect summer fête! Enjoy!