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Bloom with Us

Our flower arranging workshops help you practice mindfulness and self-love with flowers, hone your creativity, and build something beautiful to remind you to live in full bloom. Available in-person or virtually.

Bloom with Us | Viola Floral

Our Offerings

Private Flower Arranging Workshops | Viola Floral

Private Workshops

Create a memorable and unique girls' night, birthday party, date night, or bridal shower! Our private flower arranging workshops are fully customizable to match your theme and are available for groups of all sizes.

Bouquet Bars | Viola Floral

Bouquet Bars

The perfect way to celebrate special occasions! We show up with fresh seasonal flowers, set up a gorgeous bouquet bar, and help you and your guests create your masterpiece to keep.

Corporate Flower Arranging Workshops | Viola Floral

Corporate Workshops

Give your team a fun, unique, and rewarding experience they’ll never forget. Our corporate workshops are perfect for groups of all sizes and are available in-person and virtually (nationwide shipping).

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Private Flower Arranging Workshops | Viola Floral

Private Workshops

Unleash your creativity with our private flower arranging workshops tailored to cultivate a passion for floral artistry in an exclusive setting. Delve into the world of flowers with personalized sessions led by our founder, Jelena Trifunovic.

  • Classes offered in-person or virtually
  • Great for groups of all sizes
  • Next-day nationwide shipping available for virtual workshops


Lily of the Valley | Viola Floral

Boost Mental Health

Flowers improve mental health - they lower anxiety, improve stress and promote mindfulness.

Lily of the Valley | Viola Floral

Share Joy

Fresh flowers bring joy and elicit positive emotions that draw us to the present moment.

Lily of the Valley | Viola Floral

A Fun, Novel Activity

Flower arranging is a full sensory experience that taps into participants' creative potential while learning and applying new skills.

Lily of the Valley | Viola Floral

Fun Way to Bond

A gateway to joy — our workshops are a true bonding experience.

Lily of the Valley | Viola Floral

Petal It Forward

A percentage of our profits goes to support local non-profit organizations focused around cancer and mental health/wellness.

Client Love

"Research has shown that working with flowers can improve mood, promote wellness, enhance emotion regulation, increase self-esteem, and heighten focus and concentration. By tapping into the healthful benefits of floral arrangement, Jelena uses her talents and skills to inspire, encourage, and educate those she works with. Her interactive classes are chock full of fantastic wellness, gratitude, and team building exercises along with excellent education on how to select, style, and care for flowers!"

- Dr. Judy Ho
Private Flower Arranging Workshop

"I was fortunate enough to participate in the Bridgerton-themed Bloom Zoom, and boy was that a joy and an education! The class goes beyond teaching you the basics of floral arrangements and dives into the history behind of some of these stems and vases, as well as proper floral care and maintenance. I enjoyed working amongst other ladies and families in the virtual gathering, especially during such a wicked time where social gatherings are non-existent. Jelena is exceptional at making the class feel personalized and easy to follow along - I recommend it for all ages!"

- Sable S.
Virtual Fower Arranging Workshop

"I never thought doing a floral workshop could be so meditative and relaxing, not to mention so fun! I've done a few now because I keep introducing friends to Jelena’s workshops and we always have such a great time. I learned so much about keeping my flowers fresh. I smile when I see my arrangements are lasting more than a week or so. Thank you Jelena for all your tips and tricks and beautiful work! You're a great teacher!"

- Cassandra H.
In-Person Workshop

Meet Jelena, Your Instructor

Our flower arranging workshops are taught by our founder Jelena Trifunovic, M.Ed. — entrepreneur, former science educator/professor, and mother of three. Jelena’s passion for floral design is centered around the special bond she shared with her late mom, Luby, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2016.

Jelena delights and inspires audiences with her flower arranging workshops — talking about the abundant mental health and wellness benefits of flowers, tips and tricks of how to arrange like a pro, and how flowers remind us to live in full bloom.

Jelena’s combined love for flowers, education, and the beauty of life inspires those around her as she continuously reinvents how we experience flowers. Viola Floral workshops are so much more than a “flower class” — they are a sharing of joy and love, a reminder of our connection to nature, and a practice of self-care and self-love.

Jelena Trifunovic | Viola Floral