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Cultivating Change Through Flowers

Our Inspiration

Viola Floral’s passion for giving back is centered on the love our founder Jelena had for her mother, Luby, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2016. Jelena and Luby often arranged flowers, having hosted many family gatherings and parties together. Jelena is glad to share the beauty, joy and abundant wellness benefits of flowers with others — and honor Luby in a beautiful and meaningful way.

Our Inspiration | Viola Floral


The Petal It Forward Collection

Viola Floral supports health and wellness non-profit organizations in the Los Angeles area. The flowers you send can make a direct impact and spread joy to those you love. Ten percent of the purchase price of each arrangement in the "Petal It Forward" Collection will be donated to the non-profit organization listed for each arrangement.

Flower Arranging Workshops for Cancer Patients

Research shows that flowers can lower anxiety, reduce stress, improve mood and enhance overall emotional wellness. We provide an outlet for cancer patients and survivors that is both creative and healing, at no cost. Everything is taken care of by our amazing team, and our partners! Fresh flowers, vases, and all materials are included, as well as guided instructions to create beautiful, uplifting arrangements.

Flower Arranging Workshops for Cancer Patients | Viola Floral
Support Healing Through Flowers | Viola Floral

Support Healing Through Flowers

Join us in making a difference and help us expand our reach and impact even more lives. Your support will enable us to host more workshops, reaching more cancer patients and survivors who can benefit from the therapeutic power of flowers. Make a meaningful contribution and be a part of this incredible journey towards healing and hope.

Our Partners

Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research | Viola Floral

The Hirshberg Foundation

The Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research is focused on finding a cure for pancreatic cancer, and empowering the patients and families whose lives are touched by this disease. Founded in 1997, Hirshberg funds groundbreaking scientific research, provides patient education and support, and sustains hope that this cancer will be eradicated once and for all.

Pants Off Racing | Viola Floral

Pants Off Racing

Pants Off Racing, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of, and helping those affected by, pancreatic cancer. We believe that by providing support for pancreatic cancer victims and their families, we can improve and significantly diminish the harsh realities faced by those in similar circumstances.

YourMomCares | Viola Floral


YourMomCares is a kids’ mental health nonprofit founded by the moms of musicians, athletes and actors. Banding together with all moms to ensure children have access to the resources needed to be mentally well.

The Fondle Project | Viola Floral

The Fondle Project

The Fondle Project is a campaign dedicated to changing the narrative around breast cancer. Our movement focuses on the importance of knowing our bodies through regular self exams, while also celebrating survivors who embrace their femininity, strength and confidence. 

Mayesh | Viola Floral


Mayesh is a leading distributor in the wholesale flower industry by providing beautiful and unique flowers to many of the country's top wedding and event florists and offering exceptional customer service. Mayesh is a dynamic and growing company, currently employing 400 people across 21 branches in twelve states.