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Corporate Services

Bloom Your Brand – We Use Flowers to Help Your Business Stand Out

Corporate Floral Services | Viola Floral

Corporate Floral Services

We provide a wide range of corporate services:

  • Regular flower deliveries for your office or lobby
  • Residential and commercial staging
  • Corporate flower arranging workshops
  • Flowers for filming and movie sets
  • Activations for product launches, branding, and influencer events
  • Large-scale floral installations: flower walls, arches, and backdrops
  • Gala and special event flowers
  • Conference booth floral installations
  • Large-scale bouquet orders as gifts with purchase or giveaways
  • Personalized corporate gifting solutions

Corporate Flower Arranging Workshops

Give your team a fun, unique, and rewarding experience they’ll never forget. Our corporate flower arranging workshops are specifically designed to embrace creativity and improve emotional well-being. Your employees will learn new skills, bond with their co-workers, and improve their work-life balance.

  • Classes offered in-person or virtually
  • Great for groups of up to 100
  • Next-day nationwide shipping available
  • Hassle-free – we handle everything, including fresh flower delivery, vases, and design materials
Corporate Flower Arranging Workshops | Viola Floral


Lily of the Valley | Viola Floral

Boost Mental Health

Flowers improve mental health - they lower anxiety, improve stress and promote mindfulness.

Lily of the Valley | Viola Floral

Share Joy

Fresh flowers bring joy and elicit positive emotions that draw us to the present moment.

Lily of the Valley | Viola Floral

A Fun, Novel Activity

Flower arranging is a full sensory experience that taps into participants' creative potential while learning and applying new skills.

Lily of the Valley | Viola Floral

Improve Team Morale

Keep your teams happy, healthy and engaged through this social bonding experience.

Lily of the Valley | Viola Floral

Petal It Forward

A percentage of our profits goes to support local non-profit organizations focused around cancer and mental health/wellness.

Corporate Gifting | Viola Floral

Corporate Gifting

Build relationships that matter. Your gift recipients deserve a thoughtful expression of how much they mean to you. Whether you are arranging a handful of holiday gifts, or crafting something special for your most valued clients, we are here to help with your custom gifting needs. We will work with you to ensure your custom gift makes a lasting impression.

  • Premium gifts for every occasion
  • Ready-to-ship gift options
  • Custom-engraved wooden boxes
  • Unique and luxury gift options
  • Large-scale corporate orders available for hand-delivery in Los Angeles of nationwide shipping

Large-Scale Bouquet Activations

Build brand loyalty with custom-designed bouquets in your unique color tones and flower types.We work closely with companies and marketing agencies to bring your brand's message to life through custom flower activations. With years of experience creating large-scale bouquet orders, we know how important it is to ensure that your campaigns leave an impact.

  • Matching flowers to your branding, product launch, or activation color palette
  • Both dried and fresh flower bouquets available
  • Quantities of 10-10,000+
  • In-house logistics with next-day nationwide shipping
Corporate Floral Services | Viola Floral

Crafting Your Perfect

Corporate Event

A business event is not like a wedding or personal event. Every corporate event is an opportunity to connect with your target audience, elevate your brand, and build your company story. Through our years of experience in both floral design and corporate events, we have learned to perfect the art of creating a professional aesthetic to impress your guests. Viola Floral ensures every part of your event reflects your brand and shares your message. A company event combines many elements through florals to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience no one will forget. You want your guests to talk about your corporate event for years to come; contact us to bring your event to life.

Kat Von D Floral Installation | Viola Floral

Product Launches

An elevated product launch featuring captivating florals makes for a memorable event. We work closely with companies and marketing agencies to enhance your new product launch with creative floral installations. We have helped all kinds of clients incorporate beautiful flowers to capture the guests’ attention and enhance your launch event.

  • Matching flowers to your branding, new product, or activation color palette
  • Product carts, displays, backdrops, and photo moments
  • Incorporate your product in a unique flower arrangement display
  • Host an interactive flower arranging workshop to celebrate your launch
  • Custom-designed bouquets as a gift with purchase

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