Featured Brands

Founded in 2004 in Los Angeles, Valerie Confections is recognized as one of the top artisan confectioners in the country. Entirely self-trained, Valerie started her namesake company with six flavors of chocolate-dipped toffee, quickly gaining an ardent fan-base for her modern interpretation of classic chocolates and confections, elegant gift packaging, and commitment to using the very best, all-natural ingredients.


Based in the mountainous Ojai Valley, Rowsie Vain is naturally inspired by the wild offerings of its muse, Mama Earth, and is devoted to formulating the most natural and effective products, using what is locally and organically available within the surrounding environment.


 Inspired by the French way of life, attention to quality, artistry and beauty, Le Feu De L’Eau honors the unique process we use to create our candles. Translated, it means the fire of the water. Each candle is sculpted underwater with a high temperature wax. The color is hand mixed and the fragrances are custom blended into a soy candle filling. Dimension : 3.5" x 4" / 16 oz. Approx. burn time : 80 hrs.


One of the most inspiring beauty and wellness gurus we know, Shiva Rose is the founder of this clean and nontoxic skincare line, made without any chemicals. The rose face serum was created to bring radiance and nourishment to the face. It is made with loving intentions and in small batches to insure it’s optimal integrity. The body oils are all hand blended using unusual essential oils that benefit the skin and spirit. The glow balm and radiant rose water add luminous texture and are anti-aging.

Leahlani is a Hawaii-based artisanal skincare collection, infused with the island’s abundant blooming botanicals, vibrant fruit nectars, and lush tropical beauty oils. Composed by hand in their Kauai studio, Leahlani's sumptuous formulations balance the complexion and uncover your skin’s true natural radiance. With potent organic actives, rich texture, and evocative fragrance, Leahlani transforms your daily skincare routine into a luxurious ritual of beauty.


Dry—line was created by a meteorologist who wanted to feel her best even as the seasons changed--- her goal was to create a product that would let her welcome every season with open hands. Their rinse-free hand wash is made with natural ingredients that will leave you (and your hands) feeling and smelling incredible season after season.