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Bring the Joy of Flowers into Your Life

Thank you all for your incredible support of Viola Floral—growing a flower business has been both a humbling and healing experience. Flowers have always been a hobby during my career in education for almost 15 years, first working with at-risk youth in inner-city Los Angeles, then as a professor at the University level. As life has it, grief struck hard in 2016 and I was faced with immense loss after the passing of my mom, Luby, with whom I was incredibly close. Losing her left a deep hole in my heart. 

Jelena Trifunovic with Her Mother Luby | Viola Floral

Growing up I spent a lot of time arranging flowers with my mom for our family’s restaurant and for parties she would host. After I lost my mom I turned to flowers. First I started playing with flowers and arranging in my favorite vases (many were my mom’s) and displaying them around the house to lift my mood. I shared a few flower arrangements with friends and they asked where they could order more. Viola Floral’s seed was planted and nurtured by the love of those closest to me. Working with flowers also gave me the opportunity to honor my mom in a meaningful and lasting way.

As the idea of opening up a flower business was nestling its way into my brain, I experienced the deep healing benefits of flowers. I expected to transform freshly-cut flowers into beautiful bouquets, but I found the flowers transforming me. As my mood and anxiety improved, I researched flowers and their impact on mental health. Here’s what I learned:

  1. Flowers reduce stress. The relaxing effects of a bouquet are far-reaching. Studies found that self-reported stress levels were lower among those who had either given or received flowers. 
  2. Flowers make you happy. Nothing brightens up a room like a gorgeous flower arrangement used as a centerpiece. The beautiful scents of flowers are known to put us in a positive mood and lift our spirits. 
  3. Flowers enhance creativity. A creative burst can tackle problems and provide new perspectives. Studies show that creativity peaks when flowers are present in the room.

Bring the Joy of Flowers Into Your Life | Viola Floral

Here’s what you can do: Put a small arrangement next to your bedside so you wake up to flowers. Place a small bud vase on your desk to inspire you. Keep some flowers near your entryway so guests are greeted with beautiful sights and smells. 

Flowers can bring you joy even in the darkest times, and they are a daily reminder to love yourself and live in full bloom.