Flower Care

1. Add Water Daily - Replenish the vase with fresh water, or change the water daily.

2. Keep in Indirect Light - Keep your flowers out of direct sunlight and away from vents. 

3. Remove Stems as Needed - Every stem has a different expected vase life. As blooms expire, pull them out of the arrangement.

4. Enjoy Your Flowers - Enjoy your arrangement’s subtle changes each day as your flowers age gracefully!

Your flowers are lovingly handmade using a wide variety of high-quality blooms. A hand-written card with your personal message is included.

We select the most beautiful flowers sourced from both domestic and international growers. Each time of the year is unique in the type of flowers that are available. This is the creative element of our arrangements and what makes them so unique.

The pictures shown are recent examples of actual arrangements we designed and delivered. Substitutions to flowers or vases may happen due to availability. Please note that while we don’t guarantee that flowers will look exactly the same as the photo, we do guarantee that your arrangement will be lovely and fresh, and match the aesthetic in the photo.