Nature is our muse.

From the Ojai Valley lavender fields, to the superblooms of the Mojave Desert, the beauty of flowers in Southern California is extraordinary. In an effort to capture nature’s flora and deliver living portraits to Angelenos, Viola Floral was born. What began as a labor of love evolved into a true passion. Drawing inspiration from the best that each season has to offer, we create custom flower designs that bring your events and home to life.

Flowers bring us together, and we love to share in that joy. Each arrangement is lovingly handmade with the freshest blooms, and will brighten any and every occasion.

Jelena Trifunovic, Owner

As a child growing up in Serbia, the beauty of the natural world was inescapable. Running through lush village landscapes, picking wild strawberries, and watching dandelion bits fly through the sky kept me grounded and whole. When uprooted and replanted in Southern California, I continued to be intrigued by the richness of nature by studying biology and becoming a science educator. Following my time as an educator, I decided to pursue my passion for floral design.

My journey as a florist originated in my family’s kitchen. I recall spending countless holidays and family events arranging flowers with my mom, sharing stories, sipping wine, laughing… and blooming with love and joy. Although she’s no longer beside me, our bond lives on through my floral creations and replenishes my spirit. For me, Viola Floral pays homage to the women who raise us and uplift us, through all walks of life. Like flowers, they continually remind us to live in full bloom.